TIP #83 Groupthink Can Undermine Rationality in Board Decision-Making

August 1, 2022  |  tips for effective boards

In our last Tips for Effective Boards, we focused on the tendency of individuals towards irrationality. In this Tip our focus shifts to Groupthink, a group process phenomenon that undermines rational decision-making. 

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Tip #82 Board Meeting Discussions May Tend to be Irrational Unless ....

July 1, 2022  |  tips for effective boards

Board Meeting discussions may tend to be irrational unless steps are taken to counter individual and group tendencies towards irrationality. In this Tips for Effective Boards we will focus on the tendency of individuals

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Tip #81 Are There International Standards for Board Governance?

June 1, 2022  |  tips for effective boards

In September of 2021, the ISO (the International Organization for Standardization) published ISO 37000:2021 Governance of Organizations – Guidance. It had been developed over several years by representatives from

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Tip #80 What's an Annual Board Agenda Plan and How Can It Be Helpful?

May 1, 2022  |  tips for effective boards

Once it is recognized that the board’s job of governing the organization is different from the CEO’s job of managing the organization, an annual board agenda plan becomes an effective means for the board to

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Tip #79 How Can Boards Deal Effectively with Sensitive Politicized Issues?

April 1, 2022  |  tips for effective boards

Recently many organizations have had to deal with contentious COVID-related issues such as vaccine and mask policies for employees and/or customers and policies regarding employees working at the office and/or out of

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Tip #78 Should the CEO Seek Advice from the Board?

March 1, 2022  |  tips for effective boards

A CEO seeking and/or receiving advice from the board can be a tricky matter. When someone in authority communicates with someone over whom they have authority it can be difficult to distinguish between advice (which can

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Tip #77 What Are the Legal Duties of Individual Board Members?

February 1, 2022  |  tips for effective boards

While the articulation of the legal duties of individual members of public/governmental and non-profit boards may vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, such articulations usually include a version of the following

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Tip #76 Should Boards Limit Board Member Terms?

January 1, 2022  |  tips for effective boards

  In dealing with the issue of how long board members should be allowed to serve on the board, it is important to strive for a balance between retaining experienced board members while having a steady flow of new

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