Tip #79 How Can Boards Deal Effectively with Sensitive Politicized Issues?

April 1, 2022  |  tips for effective boards

Recently many organizations have had to deal with contentious COVID-related issues such as vaccine and mask policies for employees and/or customers and policies regarding employees working at the office and/or out of

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Tip #78 Should the CEO Seek Advice from the Board?

March 1, 2022  |  tips for effective boards

A CEO seeking and/or receiving advice from the board can be a tricky matter. When someone in authority communicates with someone over whom they have authority it can be difficult to distinguish between advice (which can

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Tip #77 What Are the Legal Duties of Individual Board Members?

February 1, 2022  |  tips for effective boards

While the articulation of the legal duties of individual members of public/governmental and non-profit boards may vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, such articulations usually include a version of the following

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Tip #76 Should Boards Limit Board Member Terms?

January 1, 2022  |  tips for effective boards

  In dealing with the issue of how long board members should be allowed to serve on the board, it is important to strive for a balance between retaining experienced board members while having a steady flow of new

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Tip #75 What's the Board's Role in Strategic Planning?

December 1, 2021  |  tips for effective boards

  In this Tip for Effective Boards, I would like to share how the Carver Policy Governance® model sees the role of the board in strategic planning. I am hopeful that boards not currently practicing this model may

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Tip #74 How to Use Board Committees Productively

November 1, 2021  |  tips for effective boards

The following principles of the Policy Governance® model can provide insights relevant to a board’s use of committees. I believe boards not currently practicing the Policy Governance model may find them relevant as

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Tip #73 Sample Board Policy on Servant-Leadership

October 1, 2021  |  tips for effective boards

If your board has decided to embrace servant-leadership, you may find it helpful to officially adopt a board policy on servant-leadership, perhaps something like the following sample policy.     Board

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Tip #72 Sustain and Enhance Your Board's Commitment to Servant-Leadership

September 1, 2021  |  tips for effective boards

After your board commits to servant-leadership, it is important that it attends to sustaining and continuing to enhance its commitment to servant-leadership.  The following tips are presented for your consideration. 

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