Blog Entries - 2015

Tip #3 Board Policy Focused on Organizational Results

December 1, 2015  |  tips for effective boards

While Mission and Vision Statements can be quite useful for organizations, they generally don’t involve descriptions of results to be achieved by an organization.  Mission Statements typically define the

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Tip #2 Consider Using a Consent Agenda

November 1, 2015  |  tips for effective boards

The primary reason for using a consent agenda is to free up the board’s time to deal with more important or strategic issues.  A consent agenda is a section of the board meeting agenda that typically includes

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Tip #1 The Group Authority of the Board

October 1, 2015  |  tips for effective boards

When I was a CEO reporting to a Board of Directors making a transition to Policy Governance®, the principle of group authority (also called Board Holism) was the principle that impacted me as CEO most immediately and

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September 25, 2015  |  announcements

Welcome!  We hope that you will find our new website and blog interesting and helpful.  We plan to post a new blog entry the beginning of each month.  Topics will include governance issues, governance

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