Workshops for All Boards

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2-3 Hour Board Training Sessions


Enhance your board's functioning.  Meet requirements for board continuing education.  Enrich your Board Retreat.


  1. NEW!!! Governing as Serving:  The Effective Caring Board.  An exploration of the provocative, challenging, and inspiring concept of Servant Leadership and its application to the boardroom.  This pivotal concept originated with Robert Greenleaf and has been soundly praised by leadership experts such as Warren Bennis, Stephen Covey, Ken Blanchard, Peter Senge and others.  Servant Leader boards and board members are driven to promote the wellbeing of all persons impacted by them and their organizations, such as owners, customers/clients, employees, vendors, board members and the community at large.  They embrace a caring and effective governing style.


  1. NEW!!! Better Boardroom Discussions/Better Boardroom Decisions.  This interactive session provides your board with tools and techniques to engage all of your board members in boardroom discussions, to manage conflict constructively, and to encourage generative (creative) boardroom thinking.


  1. Excellent Board Governance.  An overview of board governance and principles and best practices for excellent board governance.


  1. Exploration of the Principles of the Policy Governance® Model of Board Operations.  An overview of the ten powerful principles of the Policy Governance® model that promote effective, efficient, accountable board governance.  Boards will have enough information to decide whether to proceed to implement the comprehensive Policy Governance® system or to incorporate one or more of its principles into their current governance practice.


  1. The Accountable Board.  In this session, board members gain an understanding of ownership linkage.  Your board identifies its organization's owners, that is, those key stakeholders on whose behalf the board governs and to whom the board is accountable and begins developing a plan for ongoing two-way communication between your board and your organization's owners.  While ownership linkage is an essential component of the Policy Governance® system, this workshop is appropriate for all boards who wish to be engaged with the community of persons on whose behalf they govern and to whom they are accountable.


  1. The Results-Driven Board.  In this session, board members gain an understanding of Ends Policy development and Ends monitoring.  Your board learns how to develop board policies that define your organization's purpose, your organization's reason for existence, in terms of specific benefits or results your board is to achieve in the lives of the people it serves.  Such policies do not focus on activities or services to be provided by your organization but the actual intended differences to be effected in people's lives.  Board members learn how measureable indicators are identified for each outcome to be achieved and how organization performance is monitored with respect to these indicators.  While Ends policy development and monitoring of Ends achievement are essential components of the Policy Governance® system, this workshop is for all boards who would like to define the differences they wish their organizations to make in people's lives and ensure that those desired impacts are being achieved.