Policy Governance®

Brief Overview of the Policy Governance® Model. 

(2 to 3 hours)  An overview of the powerful ten principles of the Policy Governance® board operating system and how this system compares to other approaches to governance.  This session can serve as an orientation session for new board members as well as a refresher course for experienced board members.  It also serves as a basic introduction to Policy Governance® for anyone interested in good governance.

Exploration of the Policy Governance® Model. 

(half day or full day)  A didactic and experiential review of the powerful principles of the Policy Governance® board operating system and the application of these principles to your specific board.  Information provided during the session is sufficient to enable boards to decide if they wish to proceed to implement the Policy Governance® system.  To aid with customizing of the workshop, it is recommended that your board complete the board self-assessment survey of board members prior to the workshop.

Policy Development Session.  

(One full day but may be longer as needed) At this session, with consultant facilitation, a core policy manual is developed specifically by your board for your board.  Policies developed include Executive Limitations policies, Governance Process policies, and Board-Management Delegation policies.  Typically, Ends policies are not developed at this time but Ends policy development may begin if the Policy Development Session lasts longer than one day.

Post-Implementation Services. 

After implementation of your board’s new policy manual, customized consultant assistance includes on-site and off-site coaching and on-site workshops available to assist your board with the following:  Ends policy development, CEO measureable interpretations of board policies, CEO monitoring reports, development of an ownership linkage plan, fine-tuning of the board’s practice of the Policy Governance® model and its engagement in creative future-focused board dialogue.

Other Services.

If your board does not wish to fully implement the Policy Governance® board operating system at this time, customized consultation, training, and coaching services are available to assist your board identify and implement structural and process changes to improve the effectiveness of board operations and to promote creative future-focused board dialogue.