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Board Meeting Evaluation Form


Board Meeting Date:                       Board Member Name (optional):  _______________________











1.  The materials provided in advance of the meeting were helpful.






2.  I felt I was prepared for the meeting. 






3.  The meeting started on time. 






4.  We provided strategic leadership by being pro-active and future-focused.






5.  We obtained and/or considered ownership input.






6.  The board was involved in making decisions in areas already delegated to the executive director.*






7.  The board meeting was dominated by one or a few vocal members.






8.  We encouraged diversity of viewpoints. 






9.  Communication among board members was courteous and respectful.






10.  Our process for group problem solving and decision-making was effective.






11.  Meeting facilitation was effective. 






12.  The meeting ended on time. 






*except for board action on the Required Approvals Agenda


Any comments related to any of the statements above?




What can we do to improve our board meetings?




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